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About Us

The Concept

The theRebelinme.in Woman isn't pressed in between the pages of a magazine or caged in the confines of a neon hoarding.

Revolution pioneered the concept of "plus sized fashion" in India, and is very proud to be a brand that accepts women as they are. The rest of the market, admittedly, caters only to a perfect figured muse. The attempt is not to fit every woman in a mould, but to let her be herself, that too looking stylish. The entire push of the fashion world is skinny thin, not every woman can look like that. Not accepting oneself leads to low self-esteem and discomfort with oneself. At Revolution, we love and celebrate women for who they are, and provide them with trendy and fashionable clothes. Shopping at Revolution is a fun experience. All women, regardless of size, have a right to fashion.

Revolution is the realization of a dream by the promoters who felt the need for 'real fashion' for women who were unable to shop for plus-size clothing in India and were forced to settle for loose t-shirts and baggy shirts (often fished out surreptitiously from men's stores or surplus stocks of foreign brands).

Matching strides with global fashion, drawing inspiration from current fashion forecasts at renowned trade shows like Pret-a-Porter Paris and Premiere Vision, France, Revolution offers international styling and quality, giving full-figured women more than 150 styles to choose from per season, covering a waist size 32" to 44".

"She's real… Emotional. Strong. Vulnerable. Weak. Gentle. Firm. Homemaker. Career maker. Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Lover. She's out there. And in here. With us, at Revolution. With her passions, Her interests, her life."